Void exhibition at the Bluecoat

10am-6.00pm daily until 9 June 2012 as part of Liverpool Art Month


Seven artists from the Bluecoat’s creative community have joined together to create this exhibition for Liverpool Art Month. They have taken the Vide* at the Bluecoat as an inspiration point, which lead them to explore the constructs, connotations and implications of ‘the Void’.
* The Vide is the multiple height space you can see in to from the ground floor by the lift and down in to from Top Floor exhibition space. It was called the Vide by its architects: Biq Architecten (of Rotterdam, NL) as it means ‘void’ in Dutch.

Installation by Christine Toh
Screen printed textile, red thread.

Hundreds of asylum seekers and refugees are detained in British prisons beyond the time of their sentence without any reasonable justification. With no time limit on immigration detention powers detainees can be locked up for weeks, months or in some cases even years waiting for their cases to be resolved. The distress endured has been proved to damage mental health of detainees. This piece of work tries to capture the infinite feeling of emptiness and hopelessness detainees are confronted with and the complete depravation of hope to hang on to. Facing the unknown or the void they are just hanging on a thin thread that could snap anytime.

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