Re-view textiles

The Re-view textiles group is a newly established contemporary textile network, founded by Christine Toh and Susan Comer in 2009. Both Christine and Susan are practicing textile artists working within Liverpool. They have a passion about their work and are committed to sharing and communicating their love of textile art to and with others.
This has resulted in the creation of the Re-view textiles group for creatives who have an interest in textiles to come together, exchange ideas and create
opportunities. We host informal gatherings on a quarterly basis at the Bluecoat in Liverpool. The group consists of over 50 members all with varying interests in promoting textiles and working in a variety of disciplines including fine art, design, fashion, interior, installation art, theatre and video.

Re-view Textiles have been involved in a number of exhibitions since the group formed in 2009. In 2010 the group was invited to exhibit along side “The Bed-In” event hosted by the Bluecoat as part of the John Lennon tribute season held to celerbate his 70th birthday of October 9th and to commemorate his death on December 9th 1980. The group created a wall hanging using stitch and collage that represented all of their dreams of peace and hopes for the future.

In 2011 the group took part in a exhibition a the Kirkby Gallery in Liverpool exploring the theme “Textiles in Action”. 10 member of the group took part and working in variety of disciplines attempting to blur the boundries between textiles as a craft form into other practices such as installation art, sculpture and film.

A new exhibition is to be held as part of the Liverpool Biennial International Art Festival 2012 exploring the theme of “Hospitality” due to show in September 2012.

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